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he is an actor who should be loved even just because he wrote the de's, which means genius, separately. i'm so happy when the celebrities i like like this write properly on twitter.


if this guy doesn't play a smart, aristocratic and polite serial killer, the producers.. keep both my hands on my lapels.


the most talented player of all time. if he lived in america or something, he would have received an emmy award for his acting performance in the es-es namıother eskişehir tv series. the man has a very advanced talent, especially in voice and facial expressions. there is no way a person can play a character who grew up in the slums and is tortured by his father so realistically. i don't know how he is preparing for his role, but when i see people like this man, i really respect people who do this job.


in the 13th episode of suskunlar, i was officially scared of him.. it was a very high level performance for a television series.. not only did he do justice to it, he even surpassed it.. after watching him, many names considered as jon become meaningless, remain empty..


an unlucky man. he would have been a christian ballet, a hayden christensen, a jude law if he had been born or immigrated at an early age in america, not the country. don't be misunderstood, there would be no imitations; he would be the sought-after actor of famous and high-budget movies as well as them. as can be understood from his interviews, he is also a very knowledgeable and cultured person who is interested in almost every branch of art. not only does the man have the spirit of art, he can make it reflect even to a person who does not understand art. we wish you continued success.


he is one of the most handsome actors in the country.* remember, he was in many places, including in lover and before in broken wings and then in janjan and es-es. she has beautiful eyes and beautiful teeth; he is also talented in acting.