bepanthen lozenge

bepanthen lozenge

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it is very good for hoarseness. don't give me the pass that someone has to give to the prime minister right now... or whatever. let it crawl.


it is a super lozenge that heals the irritated throat and relieves sore throat because it renews the epithelial tissue. it would be great if roche also made its sugar-free formula.


lozenge, which i thought at first that no aromatic additives were used, but then when i saw the linden and orange flavors in the ingredients, i was blown away. you are a doctor/chemist/pharmacologist working in a huge bayer company (whoever makes drug formulations now - forgive my ignorance), you worked hard, you made the king of lozenges, it's time for your aroma. how did you manage to transform two flavors such as linden and orange, which could be very delicious if used individually, into piss flavor with what rate of use?


it stuns at first as bepanthene is mainly known as creams and ointments. "hönk? those were to be used externally?" after the thought is expelled from the brain within two seconds, the lozenge is taken and life continues happily.


the king of throat lozenges, which brings your robotic voice to your senses in a short time.


when it is used, it does not give a feeling of relief and it tastes strange, but in a short time your hoarse voice will improve and you will sing like a nightingale.


lozenge that feels like flour when it starts to melt in the mouth. it even comes to the consistency of wet starch.


it does not contain the feeling of instant relief expected from throat lozenges, but treats it quickly. although it tastes bad at the level of vomiting when used for the first time, it gets used to it over time. it is also good for aphthae. we are sick. get well soon.