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i don't know how true it is, but the person said, "i'm going to survivor island, not to be the first, but to listen to myself, to purify my soul, to be alone with myself." i was quite envious of him. i too want to be alone with myself and purify my soul, but i can't find tens of cameras to follow me and millions to watch it. without these, my soul will not be purified, without them it is impossible to be alone with myself.


in an interview with ayşe arman, a socialite said that she and her new husband believe they are two happy lovers who lived in misery in egypt in their previous lives. ladies and gentlemen, that's exactly what we call losing consciousness from a lot of money.


i do not know which language is his mother tongue, but the person who should know that in no language singapore is called "sinyapur".


the woman whose mother is the, whose father is the, and even her grandfather atatürk's aide and a veteran of the war of independence, i cannot understand why she is "like" an american? isn't their child's name also the? and the children's fathers are also the? i would say it's not the country's fanaticism, but i don't understand it. ok, there are americans who came to their hometown from america in their 20s and moved to the country at the age of 50 and speak the better?


i thought she was a faulty person like zeynep tunisian, but she was definitely a sedate and strong character. i don't understand why his type was talked about. no one talked about mustafa topaloğlu's type, but in such a sexist country, it is decided that women are not beautiful enough to appear on the screen after the age of 18. this is done to women who are like stones considering their age and being a mother. it's a mess.


survivor contestant, whom umut karan says i love like my mother. i had a good laugh in the evening.

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