benito mussolini

benito mussolini

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the dictator who differed from him in that he was more interested in the concept of state, not the concept of race, like hitler, whose aim was to make the italian state unique, not the italian race


nihal atsiz said for himself, “o benito mussolini! o most exalted, the venerable duce, the vice-president of the italians! ... of course, the state founded by Çağri bey and tugrul bey is superior to the italian hybrids; ... even if you come back to life, caesar will still be a grave for you in anatolia. ... though today you sew more than before; but again we are ottoman, you are venice!”


hitler even saved him on his hardest day, during the sicilian invasion... but then the italian people lynched him and left no trace of the mafia in sicily... he drove or killed all the mafia members


the person who was a socialist for a while but later got kicked out of his party and founded the fascist party... the first person who made me say "my good lord protect me from the leftist's old leftist sentence"...


the man who was crushed by the jealousy of hitler during his rule and could not even be a bad imitation. one interesting thing is that he had no military success. even from the greek komitaci, slap on the slap $amar on top of the $amar bait. he always has a big brother to hitler. their armies were repeatedly liberated by the wehrmacht. hitler even saved it from the prison where he was jailed after the revolution with a military operation. what's really interesting is the patience that hitler showed himself.


it emerged reincarnated in the republic of the country in the 2000s.


"and i remind you that one day his own nation will lynch mussolini." mustafa kemal atatürk, edremit, 1931 (see #3749924)


"the thing called a flag is a rag hoisted on a pile of dirt." benito mussolini yes you probably did. would our fa$o say such a thing? would $. as well as in an article he wrote under the pseudonym of the real godless in a magazine with extreme left lines. do we know that he started a strike within the communist party to protest the ottoman-italy tripoli war that broke out in 1911 and was supported by the workers in the factories, and after this move, he was insulted by the communist party? at least now we know.

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