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what kind of medicine is this that i have been waiting to sleep for 6 hours with my eyes wide open as i am sick. if you want to sleep, don't try.


if you ask the doctor for this or a similar medicine when you can't get enough of the flu in the netherlands, the answer you'll get is that we haven't given these drugs to patients for more than ten years. the reason was that it disturbed the heart rhythm. i think one of the active ingredient/s that cause this is pseudoephedrine hcl.


acts as an analgesic, antipyretic, pseudoephedrine as an anti-inflammatory, and dextromethorphan as a cough suppressant. as its name suggests, pseudoephedrine is an active ingredient that mimics ephedrine and has stimulating effects in the body and is not related to antihistamines. since sleep side effect is a side effect that can occur with the use of antihistamines, it is not possible to occur with the use of this drug...


it is a drug that provides symptomatic treatment and has nothing to do with antibiotics in terms of function. it should be used together with antibiotics anyway, otherwise it will only allow you to temporarily not experience the symptoms of the disease.


after i started taking this medicine, i don't feel cold, i don't have a fever, but i've been shaking like crazy for two days. i can hear my heartbeat. i have such a strange situation. i shudder at everything. i mean, if someone were to make a prank here, i would shout "anskym" in public to that extent... if that's the side effect on me, i wouldn't drink for the rest of my life. i stopped taking it today, i will continue on my way with the antibiotic that i have been drinking for 5 years with bad taste and no side effects. addendum: entrust me to local physicians who will read this entry and diagnose in house md mode.


it is a drug that does not fight viruses, bacteria or any other microbe in any way, but only suppresses the effects of the flu infection in the body and makes us feel good artificially. this is what symptomatic treatment is already written on. oh, you take one each in the morning and at noon, you work all day long, you deceive yourself by saying "oh my flu is gone", but in the evening you continue to get sick.