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like 2014-15, they threw a smashing device in front of me for 10 thousand odds, i didn't buy it because it was expensive. it is one of my biggest regrets. now they want more than 20 thousand. everything in this country you give tl and get in return is an investment tool.


it is the ferrari of the rifle world. it is almost a tank, and its price is quite high compared to other shotguns. edit: rifle is not "pump action". the word shotgun above is used in the sense of "shotgun".


it's not pumped! it is a semi-automatic, tactical, smoothbore rifle. it is true that it is expensive compared to other semi-automatics. it is currently used by the special forces and armies of many states (especially the usa); from hunting rifle, not tactical; on the contrary, it is designed from the ground up for tactical use and heavy duty. it includes double gas pistons. almost all pins are circlip. it has proven itself on the real battlefield, as any good weapon does.


the m4 is not a "tactical" smoothbore, as many companies do. it was produced for use in direct combat. gas system is very cool.


it's the rifle i've been dreaming of, but it's too expensive, unscrupulous.


this gun does not have a crankshaft.


the king of the shotgun realm is simply the perfect rifle. in addition, local companies produce exact copies, those who can't afford it can take a look. (see: ermox xa-4) (see: axle crossfire wii)


the rifle i have, thanks to the negative attitude of the company that sells mossberg. first of all, i would like to thank them, because the m4 deserves every penny you give. i even tried it with a 24gr trap cartridge. works brilliantly. the workmanship and material quality are excellent. the only problem is the packaging. the rifle you gave 10k should come with a good plastic box. also, various shocks do not come out of it. apart from these two flaws, it is very, very successful. those who can afford can buy, those who don't (see fabarm sat8) can look.