benefits of being a pot holder

benefits of being a pot holder

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the poster is just like a teen movie. there is no pattern in the name. but come see the movie is really good. the movie starts with charlie starting high school and it looks like a classic american high school movie, but after skipping the intro, its well-established characters and beautifully wrapped editing greet you. this is the first surprise. watch for the rest. then you will have it watched anyway.


one of the worst movies i've seen says when he hears the name of a person, a melancholy art film will come out, but there is no tzatziki.


never more than harm. birth


the the title of the movie the perks of being a wallflower. although not released, it will meet with the audience at the 32nd istanbul film festival between march 30 and april 14, 2013. thanks for that too.


you are not buried in the earth, the earth is buried in you.


since i've been watching heavy movies lately -i guess because of its poster-i opened the movie with the expectation that i'll watch a snack movie with a prejudice but it's not like that, definitely not. i don't like to give spoilers. maybe something like this has affected me that much, i guess everyone's utopia is different.