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in this series, which is the opposite of the hopeless and melancholic mood of the lord of the rings throughout the 3 books, even after the ring is destroyed, you will always find positive thinking heroes, good and bad guys who make jokes, cute and arrogant warriors. i attribute the reason why it is easy to read even though it is called a cookie, because of the positive atmosphere and the mastery of the author. i recommend it to anyone who enjoys the fantasy world. it's a sequel to malloreon, even if it's a repetition of the first one, it's nice.


a very racist series. not once was there a dialogue with the murgos.


the cover designs of the translations are great, as a result of the turks doing the cover designs by asking 'how bad can a cover picture be at the most', which caused the people that i highly recommend to ignore me and look at me with pity * a great five. a series that should be read by everyone who will appreciate it.


one of the most original series i've ever read. yes, fantasy novels can have many common figures, but belgariad is original, diverse and creative when it comes to characters. i can say that in the book that i read with a laugh most of the time and connected to each character separately, i can say that the people affected me more than the subject. must read. my man is silk tir.


a series that can be read as an introduction to fantastic realms. but definitely don't read after a more serious series, it feels like a children's book.


a fantastic book series with a mountain of difference between the book cover and the book content. the reason why it is at the end of the fantastic book series i've read in terms of reading order is the book cover. with your first look at the book, the children's book is stamped first in your mind. in terms of content, it makes you long when it is finished with its deepening fiction in the 3rd and 4th books.