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the person who has not entered an entry before about those who say, "yea, he is presenting information that can be accessed by everyone," while criticizing barış Özcan.


he is the mechanical engineer who designed the landing guidance and control algorithm of nasa's perseverance spacecraft that landed on mars.


our brother, who we are proud of as samsun anatolian high school graduates.. it is nice that the unqualified staff running in the dominican is not recognized as much as one in a thousand..


former nasa engineer whose descent control software was used for perseverance yesterday, which he developed for curiosity. he is currently a professor in the aerospace/space engineering division at the university of washington in seattle. he also studied at samsun anatolian high school.


for another successful the engineer, who works at nasa similarly to himself: (see: secret oğuz), he is even the only senior the manager at nasa. he is from sinop. is my fellow countryman that i am proud of.


he is an aerospace engineer who makes software for nasa, which i have heard about by barış Özcan. he is also the inventor of the software that enables space x rockets to make vertical landings. it is interesting that it is not recognized in the country and that it does not receive enough attention. we wish you continued success.


dr. behçet açıkmeşe was born in the ardeşen district of rize. after graduating from middle east technical university, department of civil engineering, he went to the usa in 1994. he completed his master's and doctorate degrees in mechanical engineering, aerospace and aerospace engineering at purdue university. in 2003, he took a job in nasa's jet propulsion laboratory division. the successful engineer, who has signed many projects of nasa, still works as a lecturer in the department of aerospace and aviation engineering and engineering mechanics at texas university.


the mechanical engineer scientist working at nasa. he especially worked on the emergence of the vertical landing algorithm of falcon rockets. let me see