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when his last book came out, he made a post for promotional purposes, i made a comment below about some negative effects of psychology books, it was a general comment, not personally relevant. he blocked me, i was shocked. i was also surprised that he could be so intolerant. by the way, i bought the book months ago, but i can't afford to read it. it was a shame.


my period friend who draws attention with this video. i forget that i am a psychologist and by watching his videos, i feel that i have found solutions to many problems in my mind, get away from the problems of daily life and gain awareness. it is quite successful. exist.


would like to thank you for the video site channel considering you are reading this. there is a topic title, and as soon as you click on the video, it immediately gets to the point, it doesn't bore you by prolonging the subject with rubbish words. bam bam bam tells and the video ends. people who respect the listeners thanks.


although he seemed sympathetic at first, he started to faint now. he repeats the same things and his tone is very boring. i can't listen to you "dear beautiful person"


he combines experience and science very well in his videos. there is an important gap in the field of psychology in social media. beyhan budak fills an important gap in this respect.


this man's video site channel is like "modern" useful dervish lodges of anatolia. tie a rag, light a candle, throw a coin, read, blow it, watch jokes, listen, meditate. take advantage of.


the client no longer accepts himself. his book will be out, he has seminars. she wants to be famous. unfortunately, she is worried about leaving her clients in the middle of nowhere and becoming famous. we wish him success on this path. description : a psychologist.

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