beck depression scale

beck depression scale

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it is a user-friendly objective test that does not require any training / certification to administer and score. but considering its purpose, it is exactly as it should be. being fast is the biggest benefit. it is not a pain like mmpi.


it consists of 21 items and the person is asked to choose the most appropriate one among the four judgment sentences.


hello with my 36 point level of severe depression.


the the standardization of this scale, which is used by psychologists and psychiatrists to understand whether an individual shows symptoms of depression, is prof. dr. buket erkal... the most interesting aspect of this scale is that the symptoms asked take into account your emotional state in the last week. so if you do this scale in the final week, you are likely to be depressed.


a depression scale that consists of hundreds of questions such as mmpi, which is not right to be compared with personality inventories that aim to measure things other than a person's depression. (see face value)


scale that needs revision. i think that it does not meet the need seriously and gives misleading results. if the patient does it by himself and the therapist applies the scale, quite different results can occur. i wish there was a possibility but mmpi could be used instead.


the test result i just completed by searching on google and entering a random site, is the scale i came across with the answer that you got a score between 36-63. the "you can talk to our psychologists if you want" button appeared under the phrase "you are showing signs of severe depression". i clicked on it and what do you think i saw on the opened page? 45 minutes interview, 160 lira :) i go with that money, buy 10 packs of cigarettes and smoke, it will be better. it was severe depression, no midwife's pussy.


in this test, each item gets an increasing score between 0-3 and the total score is obtained by adding them up. the total score ranges from 0 to 63. the cutoff score is considered 17. subjects scoring above 17 points are considered at risk for depression.