beautiful girl

beautiful girl

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the girl who can be seen from the threshold where beauty transcends relativity.


unless it is supported by inner beauty, it hits the bottom of ugliness...


if you see one of these in a doner shop and catch it saying "abieea, if possible, get it on the lean side", you can't pretend you didn't hear it, but what we usually hear from people on the right and left, but we don't even remember it. here, the situation is so dire that you can find yourself entering an entry while you haven't been entering for 1 month. it's amazing, they say it even raises the dead... you wouldn't do that pretty girl!


there comes a moment when you meet and it pours out of your mouth ...beautiful girl...


no, some of them are so beautiful that you can't fall in love, i'm saying seriously. i don't think it's unfair that i'm even in love with this girl. i think those girls should always be with biscolata men, and i find it appropriate. but it's not up to me, it works. the main thing is not to be a biscolata man. tell me how many biscolatas can you buy with your money.


(bkz: last words before falling in love)


there are some girls, very beautiful. you should not be so beautiful, you should be a little less beautiful. it is so beautiful that it has now turned ugly and made a complete tour. can i explain?


if she is beautiful even without make-up, she deserves that title.