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emrah, who murdered a family and fled without looking back, was released with a free amnesty. this person was sentenced to 17 years in prison. political islamists are the cancer of this country, on top of that, lynch culture addicted types. they buried this person together... (i don't like him at all... not loving him and killing him are two different things)


if he raped those children, he wouldn't have been punished so much.


homophobia is increasing day by day in the country because of this and other phenomenal idiots who are interested in it. he's getting lynched on twitter right now, he'll probably be arrested. a lot of idiots will come and hear it.


berkcan güven did the same thing, but he was forgotten without any punishment. the reason why this guy was punished so much is nothing but the fact that he is a poor homosexual. definitely should have been punished but what is 17 years.


unfortunately, i have watched a few videos of this friend. as an atheist, i am praying for gratitude right now.