having a medical operation

having a medical operation

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going from the sick room to the operating room is like a movie, you just go and watch the people. you are taken to the operating table, arms and legs are tied. the anesthesiologist gives anesthesia through the vein in your hand, within 1-2 seconds you feel the burning liquid flowing through your vein and coming towards your heart, then suddenly your eyes go dark, your consciousness turns off, you open your eyes at the end, you find yourself lying in the patient's room with your family around you. in other words, having an operation is a period of 3-4 seconds for the person who has the operation.


i'm going to get the first one- i've never experienced before- after a few hours.


crazy activity that i did the third one yesterday morning. the pain of the cut at the operation site, the pain that covers the whole body, the smell of tincture diode, the bandage and waking up with a beaten tiredness saying "long live i didn't die this time". and then to be happy by thinking "i can finish the book i'm halfway through when i get home".


this is the first time this has happened to me this month. you get into a strange psychology. but the important thing is the operation anesthesia etc. not the pain after the surgery.