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be a poll clerk

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seals in our hands, compasses on our waist, we go to the ballot box, we go to the ballot box.


the task where the headman included me saying "do you want to earn money". events developed very quickly. i often hear the phrase "take food". the party does not give us an allowance, the people around me say, "make it a break and take it away". they already feel sorry for me. "throw a tassel or something in your bag," said an acquaintance. the other said it is not a job to be sprayed. when i said that people were in trouble with food, i realized later how serious this food thing was. come on, let's not fight. people are too nervous.


wonder if i should give up, what am i doing, on top of that, the event that drags me into paradoxes, such as the necessity of being in two places at the same time as a result of being an officer in a place other than the ballot box where i will vote. i am calling the member of our beloved party who got me involved in this, he says, you will vote in your own ballot box. it hasn't changed since then. well, even the neighborhood is different, i'll have to go and vote for the headman of another neighborhood.


this is my first task today. i have crazy questions in my head, but i think i can handle this stressful event.


requires waking up at this hour. a tough day awaits us.


if you are a polling officer (musahit) from any party, it means you get 47.15 liras (12 september 2010 constitutional amendment referendum). it also means that you can see which party you belong to on the receipt given by the ziraat bank. damn, if someone sits down and says, "look, let me see", it's an opportunity for a full ticket. huh, maybe it's happening, i don't know.