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bayraktar holding

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if i'm not crooked, they'll even be shipowners. and even ninety percent of the ship owners* and bakers* are from rize. so the owners. edit: i was getting crooked. they were from kayseri, like ninety percent of those who work in commerce.**


it has two other companies, namely ege industry and ege fren, which are affiliates of the said holding. a company named filomobil provides services to the automotive industry in the car rental branch. its website can be viewed at


the deceased is the former owner of egebank.


its most important subsidiary is citroen the country.


it was founded by hüseyin bayraktar. the holding, which has gone through a difficult period in recent years, gathered all companies under one roof in the painted kiosk in bebek. major companies; baytur baylas baytravel robank (romania)


he did not take the tarabya hotel. flag bearers have taken it


the group that takes the distributorship of every car that has come off the rope. (see: great wall motors) (see: subaru) (see: infiniti) (see: citroen)


they are located in the central building called the painted kiosk. when you look from the outside, it really looks like a mansion; this building goes down how many floors below the ground and is a mansion of gigantic dimensions. you can see the kayseri logic by looking at the mansion.