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after ruby rose left the show, the production team looked for a jewish and lesbian actress.…ing-highlight-jewish-heritage/


you said sister batwoman, but this ant woman became a child. they put a helmet as big as her body on a 30 kilo woman. a sane person will have noticed this later, so they added a red wig with an effect so that it wouldn't be understood that his head was bigger than his body. the drama is so bad that it was torture to even go all the way to the floor while wearing a sarcastic outfit. the setting is in the same setting as the world's worst tv show, the protector. even lesbians don't like this drama.


ruby rose doesn't suit the role at all. the players have a sync as if they are shooting a tiktok video.


it's about the adventures of a social justice batwoman. batwoman.s01e04.nasil.vegan.oldum.hdtv.x264-sva[ettv]


money laundering through the tv industry is most likely, i couldn't find any other explanation. the imdb 3.5 rating is to honor this shit, the maximum rating this deserves is 0.1; also because the name bruce wayne has been mentioned a few times...


watch only for batman and bruce wayne parts. otherwise, i don't think it's a very watchable series. it's ridiculous that they made batman look so worthless. i don't think it will have a long life.


it's really a feat to make a character who had one of the best comic series in dc's time, the worst series in dc, even by the cw standards. it's like they tried so hard to make this drama very bad, especially if we do nothing. the audience score on rotten tomatoes is down to 11%. it's 71% on tomatometer, and as we can all guess, the main character is lgbt. but even he can't save this serial.


i can say that it was less bad than i expected, although i did not want it from last year's crossover episodes. at least, if you don't have a favorite tv show that day, it can go as a snack. the introduction to the story and characters was very simple. again, at least being the first episode, the name of bruce wayne constantly being mentioned and the curious outcome gave some excitement. the batman costume in the batcave might also be the most fake costume i've seen in a while. it is obvious from the third second that it is a cw project.