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with his profile in the program, he seems to be a sane person who knows what he is talking about. he realized that the pkk did not represent all kurds, and the kurdish fascists attacked him.


"Öcalan said hello to osman kavala, but he cannot say it to me". video site/watch?v=pv8yhtnwjro


he is one of the few men who try to speak out against the imf lovers and neoliberalism fans in the country. you silenced everyone who didn't think like you, you bastards. it is folly to think that those who design the government will not design the opposition. look, soros-supported opposition-looking centipedes are everywhere. listen to what such men say, you will not be harmed. at least you have different perspectives.


former united nations development program the country program manager. he has published a book called the wolf trap. he was also battered by some super-democratic powers, who wanted to drink 37 million dollars through mahdi eker, and undoubtedly that happened to everyone and his name was mentioned in the ergenekon indictment.

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