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he is a person who has more of a thai type in himself.


the legendary celebrity, who did not write a single entry about the husband in 2014. it means that his weight has remained constant this year.


people of mind-blowing songs like "there is a well in the middle, go to the side"..


he said he was the incarnation of elvis presley. the proof is that "we both had a weight problem sometime". the king did thirty-three somersaults on his bed after this statement.


fortunately, the consonant vowel i said has the letter a in its name. imagine if the letter a were replaced by the letter o in its name, it would be "ozone orhon". ozon orhon so cool bo chorus tomom mo? i'm an asshole, as if i came out of a dialogue like this. but luckily, there is a letter in her name. it doesn't mean more than what i wrote above anyway, i think i've talked enough about it in my life.


he earns money with his honor as a receptionist in a hotel. contrary to fame, most balloons were not lost in the swamp of drugs and alcohol.


(bkz: he came again i love his handcuffs)


it makes me feel like her hair is starting to get oily 5 minutes after getting out of the shower...