barca sr 600

barca sr 600

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the one who makes me sleepy. pill used mainly for muscle and joint pain. nothing like entering an informative entry.


the drug that i took yesterday at the suggestion of a friend who has a backache at the company, which relieves the pain in 5 minutes. i cannot thank him enough. pharmacy price: 17 tl


i used it to relieve the pain after tooth extraction. let's see if it will reduce it.. edit: although it didn't work right away, it relaxed me during the day. just be careful not to use it with stomach ailments.


an eminent drug that gives a stomachache to those with stomach problems that will make them forget their pain from the moment they drink it.


since it is a long-release drug that is effective for 24 hours, it is a drug that makes it possible to sleep somewhere for 24 hours after drinking. 20 days to drink, at least if i don't sleep somewhere :)


it is an über medicine that cuts my knee pain like a knife, given by the doctor after meniscus surgery.