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this brother entered the realm of belief after the 10th century. what a coincidence that it is a deity after the 12th century. he has never been a pagan idol. it has been used very well by those who accuse pagans of satanism and is actually nothing more than a modernized version of the pan. although it has ancient egyptian or greek roots, it is originally related to a certain middle eastern person. note: there is no such thing as a devil. (no devil except 3 major religions)


atbash encryption of the word sophia, which means knowledge in greek.


according to a rumor, baphomet is the latin translation of the name muhammad.


foundation of the occult.…ading/tracts/0093/0093_01.asp *


it is reserved for pious christians to accuse the occult group of worshiping this event. they claim that baphomet is mahomet, i.e. muhammet, and accuse them of believing in god instead of jesus. after all, it is a big lie that the three major religions know each other anyway.* fans of each religion accuse the members of the other religion as summe infidels.

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