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band of brothers

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the series that got on my nerves as the easy squad veterans contemptuously called the reinforcements newcomers "replacements". if the men don't come, you'll be a handful, you're still after plotting...


the series that i think didn't get the attention it deserved when it was broadcast on trt. if a person who owns the whole series watches 10 episodes in the same day, adds saving private ryan, a bridge too far, windtalkers to it, and even gets up and finishes the call of duty, mohaa, he goes to the grocery store, "sir yes it won't be surprising if he goes around shouting "sir". (bkz: no more)


bedside series, i can't remember how many times i watched it. thanks to you, if i went to france, i wouldn't get lost, i could manage the normandy landings by myself, i memorized where there was a tank, where there was a sniper, i wouldn't have remembered it so clearly if i had laid the mines. the names of my fellow soldiers are blurred in my brain, i count the easy company one by one.


excuse me but with this show on, the pacific should eat my ass. description: the king of the war drama series.