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considering that the dick means a weapon, even if it is a ball, it means an ammunition.


when it is thought that it means bag in hungarian language, its etymology can be approached one step further, -as can be understood from the previous comments- very useful, very meaningful, sometimes telling joy, sometimes sadness, making people cry, laugh sometimes, stop by everyone once in their life, where the hustle and bustle of life really begins. place, briefly, source of life ...


an e-mail was forwarded about him; a three year old boy in his bath examined his testicles and asked, "mommy, are these my brains?" mom said, "not yet, honey." the fact that my father forwarded the mail, "am i this observant kid?" he thought. if not?


the only word used to piss off those who have girlfriends named basak is "where is your tassak?"


it's in the lower left hand side, i was worried that i have a problem with mine in middle school, then of course we realized that someone is downstairs so that they don't get stuck when they put the legs together. that is, the case that the drafts are equal to each other is a serious medical problem.


the reason why the left kidney is down is that the veins going to the left kidney are longer than the right ones. it also ensures that your legs do not get stuck when you join them.