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wrestler whose birth and death dates are often misunderstood. his real date of birth is 1844 (rumi: 1260) and his real date of death is 1919 (rumi 1335). he passed away after typhoid fever in the village of aliçopehlivan in edirne's ipsala district. at the same time, there is a school named aliço pehlivan primary school in the village to keep the memory of bald aliço alive.


the chief wrestler, who lived between 1845 and 1922, won kırkpınar for 27 consecutive years. "bald" for his baldness, he was called "brutal" for his toughness and ruthlessness in wrestling. he participated in the peace wrestling. he defeated his apprentice islander halil at the age of 70.


he became kırkpınar champion 26 times and started teaching at the palace. at the age of 70, he wrestled with the then champion of kırkpınar, the islander halil and defeated him in half an hour. the fact that he showed this performance at the age of 70 makes us think that if kırkpınar had continued, he would have won many more titles.


the rumor is that the sultan asks aliço: - can you eat a jug of buttermilk and a sheep in one sitting? aliço asks for some permission. he comes in half an hour. "i can eat!" says and sits down. when the sultan asked the reason for his initial hesitation, bald aliço says: - i tried it first to be ashamed of you, and that's how i came.


after winning the kırkpınar oil wrestling 26 times in a row, he could not beat koca yusuf in the 27th year final wrestling for a long time. at the end, young yusuf pehlivan says "you are my master" and leaves the wrestling, he wants to hug and kiss bald aliço's hand. the emotional aliço says, "now you are the real master," raises big yusuf's hand in the air and does not take part in the wrestling meadows again. (see the legends of kırkpınar) is the chief wrestler who holds the record for the most wins in kırkpınar and also trained halil the islander, who later became the chief wrestler.


he is the grandfather of nuri alço. edit after 1 year:vallahi his grandfather.


he is the grandfather of my father's father... my grandfather had a lot of newspaper clippings talking about bald aliço... he always told his stories.. hey gigi..

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