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manga that, in volumes called 1, 2, 3, 4, ..., contains a gadget next to the title of each chapter. i came to the third volume and i just realized it. these icons start to repeat themselves after a certain point. there is a g-pen, there is a ruler, there is ink, there is an eraser, a pencil, a maru pen, a french curve etc. it's not like miho will be loved. they shouldn't draw a character so cute. then i get sick of real people. *


--- spoiler --- as kyojin no hoshi's hoshi ittetsu and oishinbo's kaibara yuuzan said, the first obstacle children must overcome in their lives is their family. --- spoilers ---


--- spoiler --- in the anime's finale, the series that is officially ryuk in the screenshot of their adapted manga called reversi. there was a reference to the death note, maybe even the guys talked about themselves from the very beginning. reversi is the death note you know. --- spoiler


anyway, nice manga. although it does not take up much space in the story, the sections that i had the most fun while reading this manga are the sections with mangaka hiramaru and its editor. it makes me laugh every time that hiramaru constantly wants to stop drawing and is somehow tricked by his editor every time. in fact, although the same joke is presented over and over again, its infrequent use and lack of connection with the main story prevent it from being boring. it's funny, i love it.


a quality manga series from the writer and illustrator of death note. the the translations were made by the shahrud team until the 22nd episode, but a young team named ceteris paribus took over the flag a short time ago. you can learn about it here.