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one of the hindu scriptures. it consists of god krishna's speech on the battlefield to persuade arjuna who does not want to fight. it has great philosophical weight. i keep my distance from all religions, including hinduism, and although i disagree with some of the things in it, i say that if there is a scripture, look, i say, it should be like the bhagavad gita. or like goodbyes, like upanishads.


it is the third book to be found in hotels in india, along with the holy bible and the book of mormon. it contains the sanskrit original and the english commentary with apples.


"the old man's mind must have not been very clear about what had happened, because he asked the imam which hymn it was. if he didn't misunderstand, the answer he got was something like a spice kita." (stories of efrâsiyâb, ihsan oktay anar)


while reading a book, some people underline the parts they consider important or like, you know, the person reading the bhagavad gita draws almost three-quarters of the book and is maniac of taking notes in the margins or jamming pages. my humble favorite quote is: “there is neither this world nor the world beyond nor happiness for the one who doubts.” the meaning is clear; for those who doubt, there is no happiness neither in this world nor in the next world.


the tune of the rabbi. it is definitely an esoteric instruction.


if i remember correctly, it was reflected in our language for the first time with the the translation of bulent ecevit. it is one of the books that influenced me in the long run, it has not lost its effect completely for 8-9 years.


"pleasures born of sense contact are also sources of pain; they have a beginning and an end. therefore, the wise person does not get carried away with them."


"to die in your own business is to live, to live in someone else's business is death."