baader-meinhof phenomenon

baader-meinhof phenomenon

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hearing a word or idea over and over for a short period of time after hearing it for the first time. (see: baader-meinhof)


in 1986, a newspaper's bulletin board (the readers' corners were more common in those days) a reader gives information about the existence of baader meinhof*, which existed in history with this name, after hearing it again shortly after, and the readers also gave information about the same thing that happened to them. they send events and that is how the name enters the literature.


(see: unknown stone-like syndromes) is a phenomenon encountered once in a lifetime. before we knew its name, we used to call it selective perception.


you like someone. as if it's not enough to come to your mind often, his name will appear in every place you may come across during the day. from the name of the apartment on the corner, to the street name on the sign, to the text on the back of the truck, to the name of your friend's cousin's child, to the name of the photographer's shop visible from the window of the restaurant you are sitting in.


the situation that i understood with horror at the age of about 6-7. it was as if people had started to use those newly learned words for the first time in years. but statistically it couldn't be because these words were not new nor the people on tv were that ignorant...


you can clearly understand how this mechanism works from the following example. my friend decided to buy a mondeo. we looked at several cars together. after that, i started to see more mondeo on the roads than i had seen before. is it actually the number and distribution of mondeo on the changed paths? not. my perception has changed.


at the same time, the fact that i read this concept that i see from time to time, this phenomenon, which i am curious about without knowing why and whose meaning i never knew, actually explains the phenomenon itself.