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originally a russian airline company, it has sub-companies such as azur air ukraine and azur air germany. azur air russia base is domodedovo, icao code is ktk, iata code is zf. azur air ukraine's base is borispol airport, icao code is utn, iata code is qu. base of azur air germany is dusseldorf airport, icao code is supply, iata code is ur.


the company whose right engine is on fire as of the moment, the boeing 767 model plane departing from antalya. black smoke was coming out of the right engine as it was getting up. he's back at the moment, he's going to make an emergency landing. i'm watching live, i'm so excited. edit: the plane landed safely. as soon as he got up, smoke started to come out of his right engine. i think a bird got into the engine. the aircraft immediately turned around, stopped climbing at 3500 feet and made an emergency landing. fire trucks plunged into the runway. there is no problem at the moment.


airline company operating charter flights based in krasnoyarsk, russia.


the airline company i use today belongs to anex tur, usually charter flights are organized to russia and ukraine via antalya. service, the top of the pegasus, the plane i took was old. my score is 10/6 when you will ride, enjoy being the only the.

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