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the reason why they don't use wheeled vehicles is that there are no cattle in that geography, except for the vile llamas who can pull a car. otherwise, many toy cars were found during the excavations. naturally, when they saw the men on horseback, they were afraid like god.


according to chris blend, two empires that were equally savage, exploitative, and sacrificing (remember the inquisition) were devastated by the confrontation. the only difference is that one knows metalworking and has horses, the other lacks them.


when they see the 17 horses and 11 heavy cannons that cortes brought with the ship, they are surprised at what they will do. men have never seen such a thing in their spine, i guess we would be in the same situation if we saw a strange spacecraft coming over us for the first time and seeing the weapons that we never thought of for the first time.


as the famous historian spengler said; “this is the only culture that has been killed. this culture has not been weakened from within, has not collapsed, has not been suppressed, and has not been prevented; on the contrary, he was killed in the most glorious period of his development.. just like a sunflower that someone randomly shot and cut off its head..”