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the years that did not return sang so beautifully, so beautifully; sun, moonlight, stars said...


the ex-wife of orhan gencebay, who got married to the industrialist hasan colakoğlu in 1984. at the wedding ceremony, our art sun was found as a witness by smart moray. his 14-year-old son, altan, shared this happiness by watching his mother and cute father from the sidelines. by the way, before the 1991 general elections, he became a candidate for istanbul parliamentary candidate from dip, but he could not bring the rest.


he used to have a solarium shop above the allsports cafe in etiler. but i don't know if it still exists, it may be closed.


the woman who had orhan gencebay write songs such as tongue sores, my dark eyes and the evening sun. she did not change her surname, although she married one more time after she broke up with him. addendum : if you love you, an extraordinarily realistic reason for their separation was given in a comment to the song --- reason --- this woman said that i will be famous too, orhan gencebay said that no one would be famous in a house * --- reason - -- i personally believed it.


the lady who had a lead role in at least one movie.


it was one of the magnificent voices that should not be lost like a unique one, and that can always be listened to with pleasure. but unfortunately only a handful of middle-aged people who know and listen. what a pity. one of their unique songs. listen when your head is smoky. video site/watch?v=sg2meivyy_u


he interpreted a song "let's part with love" that takes you to spain and makes you feel as if you are watching bullfights. good job. video site/…gevv333a_00 and feature=related


orhan gencebay's first and currently only married wife, mother of two children. he also worked as the lead singer of "white butterflies" in the late 60's and early 70's. he also has a few 45s he did solo.