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the tuna, which flows to the new generation, is none other than tileçi. that romance, those depressions... oh my god. you are 17 years old son, what is this i saw, i'm having triplets?


i see him every week at the central campus of bilgi university. although the finals have started, i can't see it as often as i used to, but if anyone wants, i can hit him on the neck by saying "what's up ibis ahahah" when i see it. really the type is very suitable.


this is the author who made me laugh a lot with his "whore was inviting" story that i read fast in the bookstore. cezmi ersöz jr.


(bkz: pity whose child it is)


"let's see if we can make a writer using all the media formulas we have." protagonist of his experiment.


i was reading the book of this friend without doing any research. while reading your goddamn book in my goddamn room, i sensed a goddamn awkwardness, so i got up and took a look. i was right. this is a child. but it would be a shame to read your book to the end.


too repulsive. i felt so embarrassed for him, especially after that cringe-filled video about his cheating and love with his ex. how fake talk they are, my god, be careful with my mind.


the person who made the first sentence of his blog at http://aytugakdogan.blogspot.com/ make a false statement in his post dated february 13, 2011 and titled "the cover article for my new book" and say what kind of writer is this. this is how we understand how young a writer he is and how long a road he has in front of him from the 5th grade grammar book. the sentence is like this, even let's share it just in case "look, i'm a young man and i don't have any literary concerns either in my life or in my writing"

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