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after burhanettin kocamaz's failure to be nominated, he is the candidate for mayor of the good party mersin metropolitan municipality. very strange things are happening, let's see what will happen in mersin.


gazi university faculty of literature new professor of literature. he has always been smiling and soft-spoken, in spite of the cold and contemptuous teachers of the department. but not every lesson gets tired of making victim literature.


knowledgeable, elegant lady. he also has experience in politics and government. if he is elected, i think he will do good things for mersin. edit: he was a candidate from the democratic party because a conspiracy was established in mersin for the iyi party.


the candidate that the iyi party puts against the mhp candidate in order to have the chp-hdp alliance candidate elected. as far as i understand, it was asked to keep a low profile so that the chp candidate would not split the votes and steal votes from the mhp. the chp candidate supported by hdp is thus elected with the support of the good party.


(see: copy paste entry from parliament page)

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