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in an interview she gave to ayşe arman for her new book, she described homosexuality as "being a passenger on that road" and "having a diaper on those combs", but also quipped that "they are everywhere now, we have to be tolerant". that tolerance is what an overlooked word, and how marginalizing they are. although this is not its real purpose, it is not a language that aims to break homophobia. but anyway, we learned that ayşe kulin also has gay friends. yup. (bkz: i have gay friends too)


"in a country where a child is beaten to death, i am ashamed to talk about my newly released book." said.


with the definition of '..on a holiday, in a first aid hospital where there is no doctor in the service, a schizophrenic country where the janitor stitches better than the doctor..' he caused me to put down the book and go into a fit of laughter.


his last motto is: "we did not start slaughtering the armenians out of the blue like the jews." 1. to mean we slaughtered the jews out of the blue (it can also be understood because of the the language disorder). 2. means that we "killed the armenians" (no matter what crime they committed or how great their crimes were). (of course, my opinions on the armenian issue are different... look at the funnyness of the argument of someone who defends the the state on the armenian issue.)