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the person who sent a message to the members of the beşiktaş congress saying, "i became a candidate for the ak party 2nd district parliamentary candidate with the strength i got from the essence of our beşiktaş team, which is the people's team". all panpa besiktas votes for you. wait a little longer you.


the friend who put forward his candidacy for the presidency of beşiktaş. he'll get like 50 votes and be a disgrace.


if the same event had happened in america, this person would have had to give almost half of the mall to that girl's family. if he had explained after the event, "this is not a circus, your friend is walking backwards", he should have given the remaining half, but that's not how things work with us. we have plenty of people and less value. in fact, it wasn't necessary for him to spend a lot of money and close those gaps after the incident, anyway, even if a lawsuit is filed regarding the incident, the child will most likely be fined 50 tl and will remain dead.


besiktas is the same person with the same probability of being re-elected as the president of besiktas. get out of there! beşiktaş is different. you go and continue to manage the mall.


someone who threatened the members of the congress who criticize the administration at the administrative and financial congress of beşiktaş on may 24, 2015.


or be the grandson of ahmet fetgeri. what's wrong with me granddaughter?! look at the cucumber, the flag bearer of the akp is giving the presidency to the man. first you go learn the history of beşiktaş, the fan profile, the ideological side of the club hirbo.


rt v2. let him go away from us, let kasımpaşa be president. we saw the name of the man as a presidential candidate in beşiktaş, even he is sad


tube shop 2nd version 2012. i say that those who have nothing but their money, please don't get into besiktas. thanks to this, we will enter the election with 4 candidates. it's not unity, it's separation and fight. i think it's a nice ad attack, but i hope it won't work.

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