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not much remains of ayça Şen's humorous, relaxed, single and cool woman raising her son alone from her radio axis years. turned into the abusive crazy aunt of the neighborhood. his wife - our brother toni - is a very civilized, understanding, and tone person, just like him. oh dear ayça, you found a civilized, levantine man, what more are you eating your brain for? he puts up with his bad tempers, tolerates his stray speeches even on the air, and passes it off with jokes. look, this man is the biggest chance of his life. appreciate it, behave well, don't wear out the man.


none of his jokes were funny so that the tansu ciller joke would be funny. she's talented, funny and entertaining, but when it comes to phone pranks, oh my... although ayça Şen is a kind of uludağ lemonade or nutella. even boots would be ugg..


he made himself funny with his ridiculous telephone "joke" to tansu Çiller. but what's worse, his joke is so bad that he even gained sympathy for tansu Çiller, which i don't like in the least.


it seems that cilgin girl ayca sen's madness was not even enough to say that it was a phone joke at the end of this pointless conversation she had with tansu ciller.


it is obvious that tansu Çiller did not eat the joke she made. i was satisfied with the speech of tansu Çiller, whose intelligence was questioned because of slips of the tongue at the time, and with the tone of "i'm going to run away". especially the written text and phone number request (perhaps this procedure too) is proof that the joke has exploded in the hand. ayça Şen, whose job is to talk, cannot speak (probably because she attempted an impromptu joke) is one of the reasons why tansu Çiller did not eat this joke.


about filiz aker, the murderer of vatan susmaz, "who knows how bad a life the poor woman had to commit this madness." radio broadcaster. such empathy... also about femicide, if we say "who knows what a difficult life the poor man had and killed his wife"... how scary does it look, doesn't it? https://twitter.com/…skan/status/901887848533696512 edit: the link is gone https://i.hizliresim.com/6xa3gw.jpg


his joke is not "funny", it's annoying. (see empathy)

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