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if you can't download from torrent sites with vpn turned on and you're about to go crazy, change your server and choose one of the servers that says (p2p). it doesn't allow torrenting on standard servers. they put a separate server for torrent.


i've been in trouble with it for 2 days, why*


it does not cause problems on ios devices, but there is a connection problem on windows devices. when i contacted the avast help center about the situation, i got the information that the protocol they use for windows devices is banned in the country. from what i have experienced on ios devices, as someone who has used kaspersky vpn before, most ports are many times faster than kaspersky. the price is quite affordable compared to other vpn services. the number of locations is also quite sufficient.


the program for which you have a license on only 1 device when paid. so you cannot use it on another device at the same time. but similar programs allow up to 5 devices at the same time. zenmate, tunnelbear vs.


paid vpn service offered by avast antivirus. as a result of the 3-day trial version, i have come to the conclusion that it is very fast.