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i think he is at the top of shooting videos for beautiful songs. i didn't know what the beach scene was at the beginning of freaking me out. he also chooses the covers of the singles from the images in the clip by running cheap.


melanie martinez is a lady gaga mix singer. does it hold up? may be.


successful singer who does not have any empty songs on the heaven and hell album. i actually don't know much about him. i listened to sweet but psycho and so am i songs for a while and liked them. i didn't look after. i saw his album on video site music last week, i thought i'd listen. it can easily be written on the list of albums where all the tracks are good. although there are old songs in this album. i think he put his old successful songs next to the new songs. after all, as someone who has just noticed, i say it's a very good album with the old and the new.


if my musical ear does not deceive me, the intro of the song king and queen belongs to the song "bon jovi you give love a bad name". it's like a quote from this song. the similarity is too much..


ava max - omg what's happening [official music video]


although he has a name like a deodorant brand, he is a successful artist with beautiful songs. i love by listening.


the sweet but psycho song is very beautiful blonde dua lipa. yes beautiful chick.


american pop singer with albanian immigrant family.