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charlize theron's movie where he cracked 4 teeth during filming and hardly used any stuntmen. who do you think it looks like a legend. oh, and listen to "hot sahara - fans of jimmy century" while reading the article. (see:…ic-blonde-charlize-theron/)


the movie where i have bad news for those who come out halfway through the movie. there is a fight scene in an apartment in the second half of the movie. it takes 5-6 minutes. it is so well-edited that you perceive it as one shot without any montage. the fighters and the constant relocation of the cameraman is amazing. you position yourself not as if you are watching from a corner, but as if you are constantly changing places in the fight. movie that can be visited even just for this short time


(bkz: yellow passion) is that? i think it's a good translation, sir.