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professor who gives the impression that he has joined the academy world to alienate his students from the department they are studying and the work they will do, and who does not have a single positive comment on the internet.


a person who did not leave the pavilions in his youth. he is known for borrowing money from my late grandfather and feeding women with mini skirts in the pavilion and not being able to find a face.


the man who is not respected by his students.


his st. joseph's graduation or his political views are irrelevant. is it an academician who curses students regularly? there are also those who defend the man who respects the student in front of him and does not know the limits of his communication.


a person who was able to say to a student whose clothes he did not like, "did you come here to be a prostitute?"…okk/status/1209811698246471681 faculty of communications dean's office has issued a statement regarding the incident.…us/1209863939758137346/photo/1 the saddest thing is that he wrote a book with "being a man" in the title.


today, it is spoken on twitter that he verbally abused two female students at istanbul university by saying "you can't dress like that here, this is not a pavilion", and then he attacked the protesting women, hurling threats and insults. judging by the previous posts about him, it should not be surprising to see their attitude towards women. he also had the title of "professor". this person is the father of one of the former players, kaan girgin, who was a candidate for deputy from the akp in 2011. i think the stones are well in place.