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it means the threshold of truths, the exact date of its writing is not known, and it is estimated that it was written half a century after kutad gubilig.


it is a didactic work that ahmet wrote in the 12th century in karakhanid the. it consists of 101 quatrains, dealing with topics such as the benefit of knowledge and the praise of generosity. aruz measure was used. it is a source work in terms of the language, history and literature. it was found by necip asım in the hagia sophia library at the beginning of the 20th century.


means the door of truth.*


it can be understood from the fact that the number of arabic and persian words in atabetü'l hakayık has increased considerably in the half century between kutadgu bilig and islam.


it was written in the the language of hakaniye, by ahmet in the 12th century. it was written in the aruz prosody used in kutadgu bilig. the first five parts of the work are in the form of odes, which deal with the subjects such as munacat and eulogy; the remaining parts are in quatrain. the subjects in the work are about the importance of knowledge, goodness, virtue, generosity and humility. for a different comment `video site/…gj5zamrtsmo and feature=related `


the work of the transition period written by emre ahmet

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