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how nice. i can't do such a thing, i'm ashamed, i can't feed myself. it's nice. he donated $50,000 in 2 days, i work here for 10 euros an hour. i guess we're just idiots, amk.


thought of a former student who used to go to school alternately with his brother because there was only one shoe at home. i thought of thousands of people who could not even go to a state university in the country due to financial difficulties. then i thought of my father getting angry with me when i asked my uncle for money when i was younger. come on plaza ladies and gentlemen! day is your day, cotton hands in the pocket! a lot is on the tip of my tongue, but i do not write.


of course, it becomes effective when you say 15 in the world. hakkari university german teaching is only employing 20 people all over the world.


i don't want to be cruel but; if you are trying to go to the usa from a country with a disgraceful economy, you will be rich and that's it.


i know guys mit computer, who got neuroscience in upen but couldn't go because of the salary. those children at the plowman and at the coach right now. our lady is begging from the nation so that she will get up and learn acting. go get conservatory education with pride. you already know english. if you have the skill, you will come to a point in the future. there's no point in getting up and begging.

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