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asphalt consent

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his nickname is rıza tekin prodan, the famous bully from adana. he was the manager of a tea garden. his brother süleyman sır prodan is one of the most famous bullies of the island. the source of my nick is the secret of the late süleyman. orphans are legendary adanali bullies such as ahmet, İnce cumali, İsmail topçu. they have nothing to do with the mafia.


(see asphalt osman)


a 1964 the movie starring İzzet günay and filiz akın. it is about the life of the famous bully asphalt rıza.


he was a person who was well known to my family, who is from adana, and who, so to speak, was a god-like person.


the man who is at the head of a rowdy, mafia-like organization in adana of the 1960s, now involved in the mercy of the right...


i watched the movie wondering if it was my late grandfather's acquaintance, it was a mediocre love movie. they brought together the famous actors of the time..


(see automobile osman)


it is said that walking uncle and uncle in the middle of the asphalt regardless of the traffic is the second factor in getting the asphalt nickname.