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what is thought by the vast majority of people to be limited to the whisper. for this reason, video site is full of garbage videos especially in terms of asmr. whatever content we open, we come across the children of phone perverts breathing into the handset. i am a maniac who relaxes with the sound of the valves and retarders of the coaches, but come on, i can't find the high quality 3d versions of these sounds among all the whispering idiots. i will go and buy a bus for myself, it will be the end.


you can feel it a lot at the hairdresser, when someone is massaging you and listening to uncle bob ross.


there is also an nsfw version. so that this loneliness doesn't kill us.


heheeeey, fuck video siters now; my grandmother used to make the king of the time. just to make my head tingle and to be pleasant, i would say "mama, read me and blow me" and lie on my knees immediately. i wish it would never end. it was the perfect way to fall asleep. i used religion just to capture that feeling.*


this is a situation that i was only aware of and surprised me. i'm surprised because whispering and being exposed to that sound makes me extremely nervous. i wonder if i have the weirdness

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