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the author, whose deep and extreme philosophical views about "the enemy of the turks gave him an award, therefore he is the enemy of the turks", which we cannot understand because our mind and culture are not enough.


after orhan pamuk sent a threatening letter to assad after receiving the nobel prize, there are still people who are not smart enough to defend the slander that "turks have learned to hate the kurds in school", saying that you can write it in the title of football. are we going to work, my friend? female client provocateur. done.


"the only reward, the only gift that life can give us is a loving person, and we kill such a person at the first opportunity. then we carry the curse of this never forgiven sin on our shoulders for the rest of our lives." shell man


his cv is like a reasoned arrest warrant. as it is known, no one who does good in this country goes unpunished.


born in 1967, graduated from boğaziçi university, computer engineering. after working on physics and atomic physics in switzerland and brazil, he returned to the country and devoted himself to writing. his first novel, the shell man, was published in 1994. "let me start with a confession. this is an article that cannot be written. i look at the piles of papers that cannot be filled, crushed by the weight of the sentences that have passed between them for days.