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program that enables multimedia sound cards to work with the asio interface and to minimize the latency under possible conditions. if you are using a professional sound card, it is unnecessary, but if you are dealing with music in an amateur way and you are using simple sound cards (including those expensive audigy maudicy's), it is assumed to be used. of course, after installing, you must select asio input from your sequencer.


it is a program like monsters that provides asio support on crappy sound cards. if there is a guitar rig beside it, it is inedible. (see: (see: asio) (see: guitar rig)


it's also a pretty blocky program. george w bush image is displayed for simple settings* on the control panel, while albert einstein is deemed suitable for more detailed settings*.


it's the interface thing that is supposed to be installed together with the guitar rig3* that i installed after formatting. i don't know how i did it, but i managed to create a small error on my own.


when i use it with amplitube, it cuts off the sound of the pc, except for the program's sound. so i couldn't solve the issue of playing music from video site and accompanying it. it works either as amplitube or video site.


it is the driver that won our hearts by reducing the latency of the apollo twin usb at 48k sampla-rate from the 10.2 milliseconds visible with the original asio driver to 2.6 milliseconds.


(see: asiye for all)


the owner of the wdm driver of my first personal computer made my sound card reach a latency of 12 milliseconds in the manner of aging wine, saved me hundreds of dollars in expense, provided me with the opportunity to work close to realtime with the guitar rig, (tell me about the advantages it creates in cubase), i am praying to the programmer. asio emulator. there is also an alternative called asio2ks.