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egyptian agent and rich businessman, who is married to the daughter of the ex-president of egypt, gamal abdel nasser, and who saved israel from extinction with the information he gave to mossad, especially before the yom kippur war. he also advised nasser and anwar sadat. marwan, who died in a mysterious fall at his home in london in 2007 at the age of 63, went down in history as the "egyptian agent who saved israel". wikipedia -


in the documentary the spy who fell to earth, he is the person whom the israelis accept as a super agent. i think the most successful aspect of ashraf marwan is that he is declared a public hero by both egypt and israel. in the documentary, ahron bregman talks about working both ways, but i think the man is a mossad agent. although ahron bregman brought this opinion because he said that egypt would attack 4 hours late in the yom kippur war, the former mossad people explain the situation and say that the attack was delayed because syria wanted it.


another one who can sell his ass for money. he sold everything he had to israel to earn more, and left 1-2 crumbs to egypt to maintain its position in egypt. he died as a result of someone pushing him from the balcony, as was the case with the employees on both sides. maybe without this man, israel would not have been so powerful. at least the goal would not be lost.


he risked himself for his country. agent of the century. i recommend the documentary about his life called “the spy who fell into the world”. is money the most motivating factor in wanting to join israel as a volunteer agent? or status? or does he want to leave a mark? i don't think any of them. mossa has always given real intelligence as “incomplete”. he ate these lies in mossad. mossad eliminated marwan when he was last revealed to be a double agent. but the only known fact is that he was a smart man.


regarding his story, ahron bregman shouts that you can't handle the truth, like a jack nicholson. as for marwan, no one will ever know the truth about himself. we will not know whose side he was on, whether he was a traitor or a hero. great mystery really.

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