asacol enema vs salofalk enema

asacol enema vs salofalk enema

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both are crap. imagine that every night you insert something from the rectum and send medicine into it. assume that you do the enema every night that those who had colonoscopy at the beginning of forty years did before the procedure. anyway, in terms of usage, salofalk is the secular part of the people, asacol is the work of the poor. the technical parts have already been explained very well by the friends above. after all, try to put this ulcerative colitis scourge to sleep.


these are drugs that are unfortunately not available in the market at the moment and fall into the black market. as the asacol enema is opened more distally, it is more effective in colitis involving the sigmoid region. salofalk is effective in more proximal areas. 20 mg of prednol put into the enema increases its effectiveness.