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article 13

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article 11 and article 13 are two different copyright infringement regulations. while the first provides a very reasonable and proportional protection, the second, namely, the product of a meaningless protectionist approach. moreover, such regulation will also disrupt the amount of content available on the internet.


(see: article 13 from the european parliament)


western civilization has sunk and is experiencing an eclipse now.


it is exactly the facepalm censorship article that says that we will not be able to use captain picard when we want to do facepalm from now on.…v9jcgzr1jtd8hlni/giphy.gif


he had been a lot of balls during the voting. it contained some elements that were impossible to enforce and unnecessary on the subject of copyright. the social community made little fun of ab here and there on reddit, saying, "what kind of freedom is this? you passed hitler, aluminum".


i haven't read it, but according to the land taken by the ab, they say the law, which means that you cannot use anything that does not belong to you without any source here and there. since a few memes that i prepared in english are in circulation, it is the law that i started looking for a lawyer and accountant who has knowledge of eu law. now it's not him, the ground moves with it. a second and many times greater mp3 ban begins.

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