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the man has climbed the mountain, you immediately start the war. feed your stomach first, i'll fuck your period.


--- spoiler --- oh you let this city down my servant --- spoiler ---


the series in which one of the most curious questions has been asked for 3 seasons. --- spoiler --- come from ray palmer : - i seriously wonder how many abandoned warehouses there are in this city. there is at least 1 warehouse per department, and that's a minimum of 70-75 we see. --- spoilers ---


--- spoiler 3x13 --- i passed everything in this section; roy harper and malcolm merlyn, in their costumes, stood behind the door and listened to the dj tap thea. --- spoilers 3x13 ---


the series sponsored by the world archery federation (waf) in order to popularize and popularize archery in the world. motto too (see: don't throw shit, shoot arrow)


season finale includes heavy satire: the guys kept vars too. "let's make the furious loving finish pampa, drive to the horizon". find that man some eye balm too, i'll fuck his ancestors.


"my name is oliver queen. from all eternity, l screwed up to save my fucking city. l fell in love biggest kefban of the world. because l'm an idiot. to save my bitch and moron sister, l had to become someone else. l have become... bastard else. for example such as shit"


--- spoiler 3x21 --- the chick called laurel can't beat a thief at the beginning of the episode, she's helpless. after that, towards the end of the episode, he fights with two men from the unit. i want to say that i'm going to fuck the logic of the series you're going to do. --- spoilers