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arnold schwarzenegger

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there are 57 years between his birth and the founding of google. how could people spell his name correctly in the meantime.... it's really god's work. atheists, let's explain that too.


in one of the body halls of izmit, a dialogue takes place for arnold, this is a very ugly picture. bodyci-correct subject$ my mother and father two arnolds. a-sorry bro .


they framed the article of the movie critic who wrote that the horse acted better than him in a movie he played in his old times and hung it on the wall...


he made a camera joke dressed as a terminator. video site/watch?v=w81g199l8ya watch till the end.


the actor who will exaggerate the event and portray the armenian robot in terminator 4. its name will be agop 24, not t 100, r 2000 or something. declared april 24 as a day of commemoration of the holocaust, his chip will burn...